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It started way back many years ago. I was always making things out of whatever I could find to make. I was an avid crafter. I still do like to make crafts. I sew, make paper crafts, wood crafts and more...or at least I use to.  One thing I use to love to make (and still do sometimes) are magnets. I would make all kind of magnets and decided that I needed to try and sell them. Then I decided I needed to display them in a baggie with a header, so I started designing and printing out headers on my computer. After that I started doing other design work on my computer and printing them out and selling them. One day I was thinking to myself "I should go back to school and get a degree in graphic design." I checked into the local colleges around me and found the one I wanted to go to, registered and went on and got a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design in 2003.
After I graduated college I looked for a job that would make me happy and couldn't  find one. I started checking the internet to see what I could do from home and found that I should make a webpage telling what I could do and offer my services to other people. I offered website design, and graphic design, but wasn't getting much from that. I thought about my crafts again, and thought "I could advertise them on my website." I decided to do a search to see what kind of crafts other people were making and selling when I came across the website "craigslist" and saw the section for arts and crafts. I clicked on that and was looking through the ads when I saw one about personalizing a product. I clicked on the link and it led me to I looked at the products they had and read everything I could about them and saw that it wouldn't cost me anything to try. So in July 2009 I opened my first Zazzle store. I recently opened a new Zazzle store called Kimberly's Faith. I opened that store in memory of my baby sister that passed away in 2012. She had so much faith and was always praying for people and talking to them about their salvation. She loved God so much! Her main ambition was to try and reach as many people as she could that was not saved and let them know that Jesus died for them. I am so proud of what she did. That is one of the reasons for "Kimberly's Faith" store. So that even now people can have products with verses, quotes, encouraging words, and pictures of God's world.  I like to try and use my imagination as much as possible when coming up with a design. 
On a personal note, I have been married now for going on 15  years. I have 1 dog, 2 cats, 4 turtles, and 1 goat. My husband is very supportive of everything I do.  I have added a couple of my business links below if you would like to check them out.


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