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Use this directory to find a website, online store, blog and more. If you would like your link added to the directory, please use the contact link to let us know and make sure you send the link. We will have to approve it before it can be added. We do not accept links that lead to things we think are not appropriate. If you know of a category that you would like to see added here, please let us know by clicking the contact link and sending us a message. Thank you!

Work Desk

Zazzle Stores

A great variety of great artist that do their own types on products you can purchase. Personalize and/or customize for the look you want.

Puffin Searching for Food


This is a listing of many different Twitter sites for you to browse.

Textile Shop


Lots of different stores are at Etsy. Find the one you are looking for here.

Modern Workspace


An assortment of Redbubble shops are listed here.



These are websites for you to browse through and enjoy. Looking for specific sites, then look and see if what you are looking for is here.

Travel Blog


There are a variety of blogs for you to choose from here.

Cozy Room


So many different ideas comes from Pinterest. Looking for a particular idea? Find a link here.

Gift Shop

Society 6

Shops that have a little of everything.

Man Sipping Coffee

Facebook Pages

Here you can find a Facebook page for what ever kind of lifestyle you are looking for.

Printed Instagram Photos


If you like looking at photos and videos, then Instagram is the place for you to check out. We have some listing here for you to see.

Work Desk


Do you like watching videos? This is a listing of some of the YouTube channels that are on the internet.

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