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Hanging Sock

The Stocking Stuffer

Hanging Sock

Things that would make great stocking stuffer products are what we offer on this page. These are things that are designed in the Zazzle stores, or things I have made myself. All these items are small to fit in a stocking, basket or whatever you want to add them to as a gift or for yourself. Please click on the item if you would like to purchase it, The Zazzle products will take you to their website for you to purchase there. My items you can click on here and I will be shipping these things myself. If you have any questions, please click the contact link and send me a quick note. Thank you and happy shopping! Scroll down on each category to see each product.

Stickers         Pens     Keychains      Erasers     Post It Notes      Playing Cards     Hand Sanitizer Packets    





Playing Cards

Post It Notes

Hand Sanitizer Packets

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