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Stocking Stuffers

It seems most people have their stockings hung and ready for Christmas. Sometimes over the fireplace and others where ever they can find to hang them. I know that many years ago when I was a child and we hung our stockings somewhere in the living room (we didn't have a fireplace), we would always get excited about our gifts that Santa was bringing and we knew he wouldn't forget to add things to our stockings. He never failed us. Every Christmas morning we checked out stockings first and got many small gifts that included fruits, nuts, hard candies, and other candies. We also got small toys that fit into the stocking. I know that in this day and age things have changed. Not many children like getting fruits and nuts in their stockings. The candies they do like though. I started a small business that is listed on my website that I call "The Stocking Stuffer." Even though it is called that, people can still buy things for small gift and gift baskets throughout the year. They even make great gifts to go into Easter baskets. I am hoping to expand on this and even include things that I have made myself. I love making crafty type items, and I have a few coming soon that would make nice stocking stuffers.

A couple of things that make nice stocking stuffers, or small gifts include: pencils, erasers, stickers, magnets, keychains, necklaces, post it notes, small notepads, bookmarks, playing cards, small games, mini photo frames, and much more.

Check out our page "The Stocking Stuffer" for some great stocking stuffer gift ideas that you can purchase. Some items you can even customize and/or personalize for the look you want.

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