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A Little About Me and what I want to do

This blog is going to have ideas, short stories, craft ideas, decorating and organizing ideas and more that work for me. I will be featuring my family, friends, pets, and more here. I have a degree in advertising and graphic design. I graduated college in 2003, but I had already been doing design work way before that. I have always loved designing things like forms, business cards, bookmarks, post cards, and more, so I decided I wanted to go to college to learn even more. I really enjoyed my college years when I was going. I started college when I was 40 years old (I am almost 61 now). I went to a community college for 2 years. After I graduated I found a business online (by accident) called Zazzle and decided to open my own store. I call it Lynne's Creations. I started making designs one by one and adding them to products. Right now I have around 4000 products in my online store, and I am adding more all the time. A couple of years ago (2012) my baby sister passed away, so I decided to open another online store at Zazzle and called it Kimberly's Faith. She was such an inspiration to so many people with her witnessing and always worrying if people knew Jesus Christ or not. This store features designs with Bible verses, inspiring words and quotes, and pictures of nature. I wanted to continue her witnessing in a way that people could get things to always have that they can personalize for their selves or other people.

I, until recently, had another website called Purple Hermit Design that I was using for all sorts of things until I realized that it was to messy and hard to use. I decided this was a good time to switch over to a new website with a new name to it. That is when I came up with Karen Lynne By Design as my new website and business. I still have my stores at Zazzle, but this website is a center to bring all my businesses, and personal things together in one spot.

A lot of ideas that I want to incorporate on this site are: design, business, home life, organizing, crafts, pets, and more as they come to mind. If you find this as an interest to you and want to see more of my site it is Check it out and see what I have to offer.

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